Good morning, everyone!! Today, I’ll jot down the most exciting and anticipated aspect of vegetable gardening: harvesting. The majority of us put in a lot of effort throughout the crop’s life cycle, but when it comes to harvesting, we just go blind. In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about cucurbit harvesting times and maturity indices. In general, gourds are picked when they are immature or ripe, and the fruit flesh is easily penetrated by a thumbnail.

Bottle Gourd

Light green fruits, 30-35cm in length, with little pubescence (hairy growth) on the skin are ready to harvest.

Ridge Gourd

After two weeks of blooming, the plant is ready to harvest. There will be prominent ridges.

Gourd Snake

After fruit set, wait 15 to 20 days. Light green, thick, and juicy fruits are recommended.


When the tendrils turn brown, the skin or rind hardens, and the fruit becomes dense and heavy, the fruit is ready to harvest. Corking of the stem and variations in the colour of the rind.

Ash Gourd

It’s time to harvest the fruit when the stems that attach it to the vine start to shrivel.

Bitter Gourd

After fruit set, wait 15 to 20 days. Before it ripens, it should be harvested. The fruits’ spines will become less pointed as they approach harvesting time. Spines will round off at the ends. Harvesting them at this time is ideal.


After the fruit has set, let 25-30 days. Fruits are easily detachable from the vine and netting.


While tapping the fruits, makes a dull hollow sound. The rinsing gets tough.


At an early stage of development, the fruit is harvested. On the surface, there will be less hairy growth. The fruit should have a diameter of 15 cm and a thin …